This list, which is far from complete, represents those that we have known at the airport who are no longer with us.

(Whilst it is quite comprehensive, it is inevitable that I will have missed people off for one reason or another. If there are names that you believe should be included, please email them to me, with approx details of when and what caused their death. Once I have the names, and verify with others, I will add them to the list).

The list (with information current as at 5th Sept 2003) was featured in the video Roll of Honour at the Reunion - However this list is being continually updated, and the latest date of the update will be shown at the foot of this page.

Adam Myers
Adrian Capple
Adrian Coote
Alan (Bunny) Bramson
Alan Dyke
Alan Humphries
Alastaire Richardson
Albert Hunt
Alec Kirk
Alex Brunt
Alyson Read
Andrew Vipond
Andrew Wheeler
Andy Appleby
Andy Knight
Andy Watts
Arthur Cowley
Arthur Crisp
Art Grunch
Audrey Hills

Barrie Lawless
Barry Willmott
Ben Gould
Ben Harris
Ben Parker
Bernie Clarke
Bernie Fell
Bert Coe
Bert Little
Bert Sadler
Beryl Clark
Betty Porter
Bill Barnes
Bill Barrup
Bill Branigan
Bill Billing
Bill Cooper
Bill Gilchrist
Bill Hearnden
Bill Hodgeson
Bill Lewis
Bill Poulter
Bill & Kay Robinson (Snr)
Bill Sutton
Bill Walters
Bill Webb
Bill Wunderlich
Bob Biggs
Bob Bolster
Bob Brewer
Bob Cleary
Bob Denwood
Bob Dunkley
Bob Gibbs
Bob Graves
Bob King
Bob Lee
Bob Stewart
Bob Wilson
Brian Austin
Brian Bennett
Brian Greene
Brian Johns
Brian Moyse
Brian Pickard
Brian Ridge
Brian Rigden
Brian Roberts

Candy Haley
Carol Dukes
Caryll Waterpark (Lord)
Charlie Vaughan
Charles Dance
Charles Daniels
Charles Oman
Charles Ravenhill
Charlie Dukes
Chris de Vere
Chris Kershaw
Chris (Mad Major) Draper
Chris Wadham
Chris Wilkins
Christina Rossetti
Christine St Leger
Claire Whitehouse
Claud Moore
Cliff Wills
"Cobby" Moore
Colin Cadle
Colin Dyne
Colin Neilson
Colin Reynolds
Colin Uzzel
Cyril Knight

Dan Graham
Dan Neville
Daphne Harris
Darryl Hickman
Dave Buswell
Dave Green
Dave Jenner
Dave King
Dave Lawrence
Dave (Papa Smurf) Matthews
Dave Pearce
Dave Wood
David (Jock) Adams
David Brown
David Bushell
David Gold
David Haley
David Hockings
David Orme
David Perrin
David Porter
David Potter
David St Leger
David Wheeler
Debbie Danahar
Del Suter
Dennis Andrews
Dennis Baker
Dennis Kenyon (Snr)
Dennis Kenyon Jnr
Dennis Lee
Dennis Woodhouse
Derek Archer
Derek Bhowmick-Shepherd
Derek Clausen
Derek Hardiman
Derek McQuoid
Derek Scofield
Derek Sheffield
Derek White
Desde Foulsham
Don Bullock
Don Chubb
Don Dillow
Don Parker
Don Perch
Don Waud
Doug Arnold
Doug Rees
Douggie Gilbert
Douglas Field
Dudley Relph
Duncan Grenfell
Duncan Wilson

Ed Franklin
Edith Webb
Eileen Barnes
Ellard John "Otto" Grubb
Eric Blue
Eric Burgess
Eric Hill

Frank Pescador
Frank Garland
Frank Lawson
Frank Syred
Fred Bennett
Fred Lee
Fred Mulligan
Fred Thorogood

Gary Abdee
Gary Duncan
Gary Strong
Geoffrey Hayman
Geoff Newnes
George Adams
George Crew
George Dobson
George Hammond
George Latham
George Little
George Stewart
George Weitz
Gerald Massey
Gerry Platinga
Giles Kershaw
Gordon Carey
Gordon Franks
Gordon Jones
Gordon King
Gordon Moore
Gordon Ohlson
Gordon Reader
Graham Jackson
Graham Powell
Graham Stewart
Graham Wheeler
Graham White
Graham Wrightson
Gus Ashby

Harry Croft
Harry (Laurie) Harris
Harry Knight
Harry Lindup
Harvey Crush
Harvey Rowlerson
Huw Moseley

Ian Black
Ian Branch
Ian Cooper
Ian "Koz" Cosby
Ian D'Taranto (+ Girlfriend)
Ian Hay
Ian Hay (Aussie dentist)
Ian Patterson (brother of Stuart)
Ian Patterson (ex-Fairflight & BMA)
Ike Eze
Ives Branson

J R (Jock) Maitland
Jack Ryan
Jack Upchurch
Jacqui Neilson
James (Jim) Gibbs
James Gilbert
Jan Thomas
Janet Hoare
Janet Nicholls
Jeremy Hughes
Jim Flemming
Jim Honeyman
Jim Wheeler
Jim Whitemore
Joe Boden
Joe Keyte
John Blake
John Bryan (JB)
John Burgess
John Butler
John Chester
John Christlieb
John Croft (Aussie Dentist)
John Delaney
John Dodd
John Dow-Smith
John Freeman
John Furneaux
John Gainsford
John Keasley
John Ladd
John Wright
Johnny Longmoor
John Desborough
John Marshall
John McDermott
John Pitt
John Surtees
John Wilkins
Juliette Thomson (was Christlieb)

Kay Elliott
Ken Costello
Ken England
Ken Keenan
Ken Sirrett
Keith Agate
Keith Clarke
Keith "Olly" Hollamby
Keith Learmont
Keith Price
Keith Warton
Keith Waud
Ken Rutter
Kevin Jones
Kevin Woolterton

Lance Oakins
Lee Deal
Les Manwaring
Les Sanger
Lillian Huer
Lillian King
Lionel Jones
Lionel Vizer

"Mac" Salter
Malcolm Smith
Margaret Burgess
Marjorie Everest ("Effie")
Mark Campbell
Mark Ramsey
Martin Cain
Martin Emery
Martin Isterling
Martin Jeffree
Mary Dillow (Ladd)
Manx Kelly
Max Jones & Jo Blanc
Mervin (Merv) Coventry
Michael Clegg
Michael & Nicky Joyce
Michael Oliver
Michael (Taff) Tanner
Mick Clark
Mick O'Connell
Mike and Elaine Townsend
Mike Carlton
Mike Conry
Mike Coppen
Mike Davies
Mike Edmonds
Mike Hood
Mike Markey
Mike Roberts
Mike Roper
Mike Shorno (and Heather)
Mike Townsend
Mike Wennink
Miles Saggers
Mitch Parsons
Mike Steer
Mo Thompson (Aussie dentist)

Neil Williams
Neil Jensen
Nick Davidson
Nigel Brendish
Nigel Schofield
Norman Berry
Norman Karley
Norman Wheeler
Norman Wilson

Pam Elles
Pat O'Connell
Paul Cook
Paul Hill
Paul Lovell
Pete Evans
Pete Jarvis
Pete Langston
Pete Smith
Pete Warren
Peter Bennett
Peter Bogue
Peter Calvert
Peter Chinn
Peter Dallosso
Peter Elliott
Peter Fletcher
Peter Hopley
Peter Horton
Peter Pain
Peter Partridge
Peter Pope
Peter Prescott
Peter Sheppard (Lt Cdr) AFC RN
Peter Tawse
Peter Thomson
Peter Waine
Peter Webb
Phil Johnson
Phil Stokes

R. H. (All Weather Mac) Macintosh
Ralph Scott
Ray Bate
Ray Burtenshaw
Ray Chudley
Ray Dwelly
Ray Gibson
Ray Hanna
Ray Hawkins
Ray (Mac) McElwain
Ray Notman
Ray Shepherd
Reg Byron
Reg Webb
Rene Boucher
Rene Smith
Rex Nicholls
Rex Parker
Richard Ball
Richard (Paddy) Behan
Richard Chippendale
Richard Doyle
Richard Elles
Richard Jackson
Richard (Dickie) Millward
Richard Olive
Richard Tomkinson
Richard Vipond
Robin Rackham
Robin Stokes
Roger (The Bank) Butler
Roger Hardy
Roger Nichols
Roger Sherron
Roger (the Dog) Taylor
Roger Wren
Roland Shergold
Ronald (Dicky) Dixon
Ronald Waite
Ron Broad
Ron Channon
Ron Fenwick
Ron Roberts
Ron Riddock
Ron Smith
Ron Tate
Roy Finch
Roy (Pig) Sanders
Roy Shepherd
Roy Sinclair
Roy (Pipe) Taylor
Rusi Daver

Sinul Brahmbhatt
Stan Cooper
Stan Skinner
Stanley Ingram
Stanley Long
Steve Coward
Steve Ellis
Stuart Hoare
Stuart Patterson
Sue Campbell
Suzanna Joyce
Syd Errons
Syd Woolterton

T E (Scotty) Scott-Chard
Ted Farrow
Ted Fendt
Ted Wein
Ted White
Terry Robinson
Terry Bridgland
Tim Doyle
Tim Gower
Tiny Marshall
Tom Menham
Tom Sargeant
Tony Bailey
Tony Bebrouth
Tony Blades
Tony Crook
Tony Jenner
Tony Richmond
Tony Tovey
Tony Weedon
Tony Wilcox
Trevor Eagle
Trevor Prytherch
Trevor Shatwell

Valerie (Stubington) Anand
Valerie Herbert
Vic Beattie
Vic Blackman
Vic Parsons
Victor Page
Victor Peckham
Vivian Archer

W "Warby" Warburton
Wendy Pain


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