Helpers and Contractors

Whilst it may, on the face of it, appear that the event was organised by me, John Willis, (mainly as most of the emails and letters came from me, I guess), it must be appreciated that no individual person can take that credit! I would like to thank all the contractors and helpers, without whom the event would not have been possible. In particular:

My Wife, Christina and children, who helped with both setting up and taking down the event (and put up with me ceasing to be a useful member of the family for about 2 months).

Sandra Robinson, for her assistance in both setting up and taking down the event (and for putting up with Bill and I taking over a part of her home for so long!).

Tom Hood and his team who worked wonders to erect the big screens and all lighting and PA systems.

Monica, of Precise Catering, who produced outstanding food for us all at the event, and looked after us so well.

Joanna Willis and Laura Robinson, who ran our checkin desk so efficiently, and also for their assistance setting everything up.

Lee Hogben and his team, who provided such a friendly security service at the front gate, and protected us all overnight.

Joe Merchant's bar staff who worked so hard in the bar area, in difficult and cramped surroundings

Roger (The Dog) Taylor, for his assistance with the construction of the screens

Steve Danaher, Jon Wendover, Ian Branch, Ian Fairhurst, and Lee Hogben, who (unlike most people who said they would help but failed to turn up when it mattered), gave freely of their time to assist with various aspects of the event setup on the Friday and Saturday.

Matt Teague and 2427 (Biggin Hill) Squadron Air Training Corps, who both did the car park marshalling AND stepped into the breach at the last moment to help with the final decorations.

Roy, who did a magnificent job in laying out all the entrance road and signs, and prepared the car parks for us.

Andy Mellors of the Airport Fire Service and his team, who offered us invaluable help to ensure that we were all safe.

And Finally, of course,

My Co-organisers, Bill Robinson (who worked almost full time with me for a month to help get the event organised - til 2 and 3am on many occasions), and Joe Merchant, who helped with the pre-planning and took the worries of the provision of the bar and bar staff away from me, and allowed me to concentrate on other matters.



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