The Willis Family

The Family - (2012)

My new toy!

My new toy - our aircraft PA28 G-AVSP

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To "Hell" and back
Grand Cayman
Carribean Cruise Christmas 2011
Navigator of the Seas
Crystal River Airport Dec 2011
Florida USA
Cocktail time
Portugal Summer 2011
Time for tea - Montego Bay, Jamaica
Christmas cruise 2011
Francesca and Nicole
Summer 2011

The Family - (2009)

Nicole with 3 year
old Filipa in Portugal
Me and Christina in
Francesca with
All my girls at Joanna's
Extended Family
at Nick "&" Elena's Wedding
in Barbados 2008
Me and my girls
taken in Barbados April 2008
at Elena and Nick's wedding
Nice day out in Brighton
(Matt is new family member -
Francesca's boyfriend)
Matt and Frankee
In Brighton

26th September 2006

Christina flies solo! We are all very proud of her.

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The Family in 2006

Francesca Aged 12
a real stunner!
Christina "&" I celebrating
the sale of my Business
 Nicole - Aged 9
Cheekie little monkey!
Nicole looking a
bit waterlogged
Our good Portuguese friends, Carla
"&" David Afonso in April 2006
not long before Filipa's birth
Filipa Afonso - arrived at last
born 9th May 2006
(now Carla and David's
sleepless nights begin)

The Family in 2001

Francesca starting
The family in our second home 
(Portugal 2001)
 Nicole - Lovable rascal!

My three daughters, Joanna, Francesca and baby Nicole

My three daughters, Joanna (23 at the time) with Nicole age 4 and Francesca aged 7

My wife, Christina

My wife, Christina

A stunning picture of my wife in 2007 - well I think so, even though I know I am biased!

London area map

Biggin Hill in Kent

Just 15 miles from the centre of London, and located within the London Borough of Bromley, Biggin Hill is a rural town of about 5,000 homes. Famous for the former Battle of Britain wartime fighter station - known as "The Strongest Link", Biggin Hill's airport is now a major civil airport for executive aircraft visiting the London area.

Find out all about this historic town from the Biggin Hill History OnLine web site.