MGB Roadster YXF 88N
1974 model
British Racing Green - Chrome Bumper model
First registered 6th September 1974
3 recorded owners before me

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I purchased car from last owner, an American living in UK, in May 1996 (he acquired vehicle on 9th October 1995 from previous owner who had apparently owned it since 4th February 1995 and had the car fully refurbished for resale, after buying it from the first and original owner). The American had further enhancements carried out, including fitting of Stage 2 head and exhaust etc. before selling the car to me prior to returning to the USA.

I used the car as my main vehicle from 1996 until May 2002 when family size necessitated me getting larger vehicle. MGB garaged from that point until sold in March 2012.

Shortly after buying the car in 1996, I had a bodywork specialist friend go over the car - he was unhappy with the paint condition, which had clearly been resprayed over several other layers. The car was completely stripped and resprayed again in the same colours (British Racing Green).

From date of purchase, I did around 12,000 miles

Major items spent, other than routine servicing:
Jul 1996 Car fully resprayed
Jan 1997 Head gasket replaced
Apr 1997 Wheel bearings changed
Aug 1987 New alternator
Nov 1997 New Starter
Aug 2001 New Hood fitted - New fuel pump - Chrome o/riders replaced
Nov 2001 New exhaust - New carburettors -2 new tyres fitted
New rear wing fitted and Additional bodywork treatment carried out
Feb 2002 Replacement engine fitted (at 37,175 miles) - note now a standard engine - not stage 2
May 2002 ceased using car at approx 37,800 miles
May 2006 New Battery fitted and MoT obtained, as considering a sale but placed on a SORN
Mar 2012 New starter fitted prior to sale

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