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Welcome to Biggin Hill Reunited is the website for the Biggin Hill Airport Users Database and the "Bump Reunion"

Formed in 1998, the purpose was to bring together initially as many of the original 60's and 70's airport crowd as possible. In those days of course few had email, so the contact was maintained by post and telephone. It was a major task of detective work over more than a month to locate many of the names from the past, and the exercise enabled us to organise the very first airport Reunion in late 1998 (details of which can be found by following the link below).

Dependent on donations to fund the costs of the maintaining contact became more difficult and cost prohibitive as the size of the database increased. Fortunately though email became more widespread particularly amongst those who were more technically minded (flying enthusiasts tend to fall in that category!) and the database switched over to a totally email based system to save on the costs of postage and printing etc.

Since that first reunion, Biggin Hill Reunited has brought together groups of Biggin Hill'ites to celebrate special occasions and, unfortunately too frequent as we all become older, for memorial services for old friends and colleagues who have left us.

Closely associated with the Biggin Hill Airport Social Club Biggin Hill Reunited endeavours to bring together all Biggin Hill Airport users and workers, both past and present, to maintain the special relationships that we all develop through our love of aviation.

Departed Friends - ROLL OF HONOUR LIST (Continuously updated!)

Click here to view the continually updated list of people on the Biggin Hill Airport User's email database

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Click here to view the 2003 Reunion attendees and Photos

Click here to view the 1998 Reunion attendees and Photos


Click here to the memorial site for Richard Elles

Click here to the memorial site for Bill Webb

Click here to the Gordon Frank's Memorial Party page


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